What is the purpose of this AI?

DiffusionBee is an AI image generation tool that offers the latest Stable Diffusion features in one easy-to-use package. A free and unlimited application that allows you to create stunning images in a matter of seconds from simple texts or phrases. In addition, it is also possible to transform existing images using simple texts.


This AI is able to Create images from text, Modify images,

DiffusionBee Features

DiffusionBee offers state-of-the-art features for generating art with AI. Available features include:

  • Image generation from text.
  • Modification of existing images through text
  • Inclusion or removal of objects in an image by selecting an area and using text
  • Extending an image outward using text and selecting an area on the canvas
  • Automatic increase of the resolution of AI-generated images
  • Possibility to use external Stable Diffusion models
  • Advanced options such as negative prompts and diffusion steps, for advanced users

The DifussionBee advantages

One of the main advantages of DiffusionBee is that all image generations are performed locally, without the need to send anything to the cloud, which guarantees privacy and security of the information.

Another great advantage of this tool is its ease of use. You just need to enter a phrase or text for the artificial intelligence to start working on creating an image, allowing you to unlock your imagination in a matter of seconds. The results can be truly impressive and surprising.

In addition, DiffusionBee has an active community on Discord, where you can find help and solve all your doubts related to the tool. So, if you are passionate about art and technology, don’t hesitate to try DiffusionBee and discover everything this tool can do for you.


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