What is the purpose of this AI?

It simply allows us to enlarge images that have low resolution. We can give you a photo or illustration and enlarge it up to 16 times its original size.


This AI is able to Enlarge images from an original canvas,

Bigjpg is a tool that uses deep neural networks to enlarge images without affecting their quality. Intelligently reducing noise and distortion of images. This service has an API available for use, and stands out for its ability to maintain quality in enlarged images compared to other programs such as Photoshop. It is especially efficient on anime images, as it maintains colors, details and edges. It is also compatible with normal photographs.

The size limit of uploaded images varies by user, for a free user it will be 3000x3000px, 5M; for a paid user it will be 50M. The time to complete an enlargement varies according to the size and configuration of the image, showing an estimated time once the process is started. If the enlargement fails, it is recommended to try again due to variations in the network environment and site usage.


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